Virtual Health: Being Healthy In a Digital World

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the use of digital technologies in the health sector. For many individuals who were no longer able to access care in person, access to virtual health services became a matter of life and death.

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Facebook Chooses A New Crazy Name – Meta!

The Facebook and Instagram platforms, the WhatsApp and Messenger apps and the Oculus virtual reality headsets now belong to Meta, the new name of the Californian group that dreams of being the master of a parallel world, far from the daily scandals linked to social networks.

Top 5 Critical Skills Required By Recruiters

Since the implementation of teleworking, the acquisition of new behavioural skills has proven to be essential to maintain the activity. These skills can be highlighted on your CV or in an interview and will help you stand out from the crowd. If you know which ones are the most valued by recruiters, you can master…… Continue reading Top 5 Critical Skills Required By Recruiters