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Will Joe Biden’s Policies Reshape Global Relations?

Explore how Joe Biden’s policies are reshaping global relations. Understand the potential imp…
Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Since assuming office, President Joe Biden has put forth several policies and initiatives that aim to reshape global relations. His approach to foreign policy emphasizes a renewed commitment to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law [2]. Biden seeks to address the geopolitical costs of U.S. economic policies and enhance global cooperation, particularly with the Global South [1][3]. Let’s explore how Biden’s policies might impact global relations and what to expect in the future.

Biden’s Economic Policies and Global Relations

Biden’s economic plans carry potential geopolitical costs, which could adversely affect global relations. By implementing policies that prioritize domestic interests, there is a risk of alienating countries in the Global South [1]. However, Biden recognizes the need for global cooperation, especially in addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change and public health pandemics. He aims to strike a balance that ensures fair and equitable economic relationships while creating opportunities for all countries involved.

A Worker-Centered Trade Policy

Biden’s proposed “worker-centered” trade policy underscores his commitment to improving labor standards and environmental practices. This approach aims to raise wages and environmental standards both domestically and internationally [3]. By promoting fair trade and worker rights, Biden intends to reshape global economic dynamics and foster stronger relationships built on shared values.

Prioritizing Commercial Relationships and Countering China

Biden’s administration places emphasis on strengthening commercial relationships, particularly with Africa, to counter China’s growing influence [4]. Recognizing the economic opportunities on the African continent, Biden seeks to expand partnerships that benefit both the United States and African nations. This approach presents an opportunity to reshape global relations and foster mutually beneficial collaborations.

Biden’s Foreign Policy Approach

Biden’s foreign policy is rooted in fostering relationships and repairing alliances. He recognizes the importance of revitalizing transatlantic relationships and reaffirming the United States’ role as a global leader [5]. By prioritizing diplomacy and multilateral engagement, Biden aims to rebuild trust and work collectively with allies on pressing global issues, such as climate change, counterterrorism, and nuclear nonproliferation.


How will Biden’s economic policies impact global relations?

Biden’s economic policies could have geopolitical costs, particularly if they prioritize domestic interests over global cooperation. However, his worker-centered trade policy and focus on fair trade aim to create more equitable economic relationships and improve labor and environmental standards globally.

Will Biden’s foreign policy efforts focus on countering China?

While Biden seeks to counter China’s growing influence, his foreign policy is broader in scope. It emphasizes fostering relationships with allies, revitalizing transatlantic partnerships, and addressing global challenges collectively.


Joe Biden’s policies have the potential to reshape global relations. By prioritizing fair trade, worker rights, and diplomacy, Biden aims to strike a balance that addresses geopolitical costs while fostering stronger relationships built on shared values. The success of his policies in reshaping global relations will depend on effective diplomacy, international cooperation, and building trust among nations.

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