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Top 5 Critical Skills Required By Recruiters

Job Interview - Recruiters asking for skills.

Since the implementation of teleworking, the acquisition of new behavioural skills has proven to be essential to maintain the activity. These skills can be highlighted on your CV or in an interview and will help you stand out from the crowd. If you know which ones are the most valued by recruiters, you can master them.

When you are looking for an internship or a job, the challenge is always the same: you have to know how to sell yourself in order to stand out from your competitors in an increasingly competitive context. To do this, it is important to know yourself in order to know which skills to put forward according to the company’s needs. At a time when digital transformation is impacting companies, human resources are being pushed to play an essential role in this transition.

The stakes are so high that HR departments have started to look at new approaches to recruitment to put the human element back at the centre of the company’s concerns. In this sense, recruiters are asking more about the possible extra-professional passions of candidates, but also and above all about their behavioural qualities/skills, also known as “soft skills“. Here is our selection of the soft skills most sought after by recruiters.

1. Adaptability Skills

In 2021, adaptability seems to be one of the most prized soft skills, especially in a world of constant change, where one has to change one’s work environment and mission constantly. Being able to master several jobs at the same time, to adapt quickly to different environments and to heterogeneous collaborators is a necessity. Recruiters and companies want to surround themselves with agile people, capable of working in a hybrid operating model, combining telecommuting and face-to-face work.

2. Knowing how to communicate

The adoption of teleworking by companies has changed the world of work. Employees have had to quickly learn to increase the amount of digital exchanges, to learn to communicate at the right pace, to not hesitate to speak directly to interlocutors, to get in touch with new people…

These new practices have logically led to the use of new tools such as Teams, Zoom, or Slack. If for some people, these tools were easy to learn because they were particularly intuitive, for others, it was more difficult. It is therefore particularly important to know how to communicate, especially at a time when the means of communication are multiple (phone, text, email, messaging services…). Knowing how to use the right tool at the right time to communicate wisely: this is what the business world expects today.

3. Knowing how to be autonomous

Professional autonomy requires a certain maturity, since one must be able to organise one’s work without waiting for instructions from colleagues or one’s superior. It is the ability to make decisions in line with your professional environment while meeting the challenges of the mission. Be careful not to mix autonomy and independence: being too independent could indeed distance you from the company and its employees.

4. Know how to work in a team

In the corporate world, collective intelligence is a skill that is increasingly sought after by recruiters, who are aware that a united team that shares its knowledge, resources and skills is more likely to achieve its objectives. Indeed, candidates with an attraction for collaborative work, capable of integrating and adapting to a group whose synergy will encourage creativity and add value to the work done are particularly sought after. In interviews, do not hesitate to highlight your group work or your leadership when you are surrounded by collaborators.

5. Creativity

Although this skill remains quite classic, it is nevertheless highly valued by recruiters. It must be said that companies are looking for individuals capable of approaching each situation in a creative and transversal way, of bringing a fresh and innovative outlook, and of showing inventiveness to meet their ambitions. A constant need that allows a company to be ahead of the trend, to renew itself and to meet the needs of its customers.

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