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How Russia and North Korea are advancing in arms deal negotiations, and what implications this has for global security and diplomacy.

Russia and North Korea are negotiating a dangerous arms deal that could threaten global security, d…
How Russia and North Korea are advancing in arms deal negotiations, and what implications this has for global security and diplomacy.

US and allies condemn and counter Russia-North Korea arms deal

The US and its allies have expressed grave concern over the potential arms deal between Russia and North Korea, which they say would violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions and escalate the conflict in Ukraine. The White House has warned Pyongyang to cease its arms negotiations with Moscow and abide by its public commitments to not provide or sell arms to Russia.

The State Department has announced new sanctions on entities involved in facilitating the arms deal, including individuals and companies from China, Iran, and Syria. The UN Security Council has convened an emergency session to discuss the situation and call for an immediate halt to the arms deal, as well as a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis. The US and its allies have also reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and pledged to provide additional military and humanitarian assistance to the country.

How the nuclear deal with Iran could be affected by the Russia-North Korea arms deal

The arms deal between Russia and North Korea could have significant implications for the nuclear negotiations with Iran, which have been stalled since June. The Biden administration has been seeking to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which limited Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief, but faced resistance from Tehran and its allies. Some experts and officials fear that the arms deal could embolden Iran to further defy the international community and pursue its nuclear ambitions, as well as increase its military cooperation with Russia and North Korea. According to a source, Iran has already received some missile technology from North Korea in the past, and could benefit from more advanced weapons and know-how from Moscow.

The arms deal could also undermine the credibility and leverage of the US and its allies in the negotiations, as they would have less influence over Russia and North Korea, two of the main sources of pressure on Iran. However, some experts and officials also see some opportunities for the Biden administration to use the arms deal as a catalyst for diplomatic engagement and dialogue. According to a source, the US has expressed its willingness to talk to North Korea about its nuclear program, and has urged Russia to return to the negotiating table on Ukraine. The US could also try to rally its partners in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to coordinate a unified response to the arms deal, and to increase their support for Ukraine’s security and sovereignty. The US could also use the arms deal as a leverage point to persuade Iran to return to compliance with the nuclear deal, and to address other regional issues such as Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

How the human rights situation in Russia and North Korea could deteriorate due to the arms deal

The arms deal between Russia and North Korea could have serious consequences for the human rights situation in both countries, which are already among the most repressive in the world. According to Human Rights Watch, North Korea in 2020 deepened its repression and isolation, using threats of execution, imprisonment, enforced disappearance, and forced labor to maintain fearful obedience. The country also rejected international aid and diplomatic engagement, leaving its population vulnerable to famine and disease. 

According to Amnesty International, Russia in 2020 continued to crack down on dissent, freedom of expression, and civil society, using arbitrary arrests, torture, surveillance, and censorship. The country also violated international humanitarian law in its involvement in the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. The arms deal could worsen the human rights situation in both countries by strengthening their authoritarian regimes, increasing their military capabilities, and undermining their accountability to the international community.

The international community should play an active role in promoting and protecting human rights in both countries, by applying pressure, sanctions, and diplomatic incentives to stop the arms deal and address the underlying causes of repression and conflict. The international community should also support the efforts of human rights defenders, journalists, activists, and refugees who expose and challenge the human rights violations in both countries.

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